Chinese Version


Baran (Iran)


Afghans in Iran


Director: Majid Majidi

Cast: Hossein Abedini   Zahra Bahrami

Footage: 94min

Year: 2001

Latif is a young Iranian man who makes tea for the workers of a construction site.

The brutal market demands that force Memar to hire Afghans because "they work harder for less money". An Afghan worker named Najaf falls from the second story and breaks his leg. He sends his teenaged son Rahmat to the site. The teenager proves to be a lousy worker but a whiz at making tea. The foreman Memar has Latif hauling bags of plaster and puts Rahmat on tea detail. Soon everyone, save the resentful Latif, is eating lunch at an actual table bedecked with a tablecloth. Latif's anger and jealousy evaporates, however, once he makes a surprising discovery.


Love Changes Everything

BARAN (Rain)


BARAN 2001

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