Chinese Version


The Children of Heaven (Iran)


I lose your shoes


Director: Majid Majidi

Cast: Mohammad Amir Naji   Fereshte Sarabandi

Footage: 88min

Year: 1997 

Ali and Zahra are a brother and sister growing up in a poor neighborhood. On his way home Ali loses the just repaired shoes of Zahra. Thinking that heir parents will be furious since they can't afford a new pair Ali and Zahra get an idea: Zahra is scheduled to attend classes in the morning, while Ali goes to school in the afternoon. Zahra can wear Ali's sneakers to school. They hope the scheme will work long enough to keep Zahra in school until her shoes can be found. Though Zahra runs back hurryingly to trade shoes off to Ali, Ali is late for school several times and is given a warning.

A few days later, Ali learns about a marathon competition for schoolboys whose third prize is a pair of new sneakers. Despite some problems he enters the race trying desperaely to win the third place. Nothing but the third place.

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