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Contes Des Quatre Saisons (France)

Tales of the Four Seasons

A series of emotion essays

A quartet of films shot by Eric Rohmer. Full of smell of literature and philosophy, they show the graceful of the ordinary lives through the emotion entanglements among men and women.

Director: Eric Rohmer


Conte de Printemps

A Tale of Springtime

The first installment to be completed by Rohmer for Tales of the Four Seasons. Philosophy teacher Jeanne is temporarily without a place. A pianist, Natasha, offers the use of her house and she accepts. The contradiction emerges when Natasha's father and his girlfriend appear.

Cast: Anne Teyssedre   Hugues Quester   Florence Darel   Eloise Bennett

Footage: 107min

Year: 1989

Conte d'Eté

A Summer's Tale

Gaspard has come to enjoy a vacation in a seaside town. His girlfriend Lena is supposed to join him on his holiday. However he finds his attention drawn to two other women: Margot, a waitress and Solène, Margot's friend. Margot is captivating but she only wants friendship. Solène isn't against the idea of a brief fling.

Cast: Melvil Poupaud    Amanda Langlet   Aurelia Nolin    Gwenaelle Simon

Footage: 113min

Year: 1996

Conte d'Automne

A Autumn's Tale

Set in the beautiful winegrowing countryside of the Rhone Valley. Vintner Magali is widowed. Her best friend Isabelle plots to pair her with a friendly businessman. The story revolves around relationships among the three.

Cast: Marie Riviere   Beatrice Romand   Alain Libolt   Didier Sandre

Footage: 112min

Year: 1997

Conte d'Hiver

A Winter's Tale

Félicie and Charles had a brief affair during a vacation. However, she made an unexplainable mistake in the address and has lost all trace of her lover. She can not be satisfied with either of her two boyfriends at home. She still love him. Five years later she meets Charles again.

Cast: Charlotte Very   Frédéric Van Den Driessche   Michel Voletti   Herve Furic

Footage: 114min

Year: 1992


Conte d'Eté(1996)

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