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L'Anglaise Et Le Duc (France)

The Lady And The Duke

Declining aristocrat


Director: Eric Rohmer

Cast: Lucy Russell   Jean-Claude Dreyfus

Footage: 123min

Year: 2001

From the autobiography of Scotland's Lady Grace Elliott, comes the story of a beautiful English woman who lived in Paris during the French Revolution. King Louis XVI is on his way to being beheaded. The much older Duke of Orleans is her ex-lover and a leading Revolutionary, an activist whose unexpected decision to vote for his cousin/king's death causes a stormy, though not permanent, breach between the two.

The film's exteriors were shot on blue-screen backgrounds with 18th-century paintings superimposed during the editing process. The actors seem to be walking out of paintings.


'Lady and the Duke' shows Rohmer in masterful form

The Lady and the Duke (Jeremiah Kipp)

THE LADY AND THE DUKE (L'Anglaise et le duc)

The Lady and the Duke (ROGER EBERT)

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