Chinese Version


Code Inconnu (France)

Code Unknown

Scenes of Paris


Director: Michael Haneke

Cast: Juliette Binoche   Luminita Gheorghiu   Helene Diarra   Sepp Bierbichler

Footage: 118min

Year: 2000

Michael Haneke continues his similarly fragmented tale of racism, intolerance, and hatred in modern-day Paris. The focus of the narrative is split between three sets of people: the French actress Anne, her husband and in-laws; a Romanian woman, Maria, who struggles to raise money for her family back home; and Amadou, a teacher for the deaf who is at odds with his resolute African clan.

 The stories begins on a streetcorner, where Anne's brother-in-law Jean insults Maria, who is begging for change; incensed, Amadou picks a fight with Jean. And then the stories continue following a certain line.


Code Unknown (Peter Preston)

Code Unknown (Neil Young)

Code Unknown (Ben McCann)

Code Unknown / Code Inconnu

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