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Mortel Transfert (France/Germany)


Strange death


Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix

Cast: Jean-Hugues Anglade   Helene de Fougerolles

Footage: 119min

Year: 2001 

Based on the novel Mortel Transfert by Jean-Pierre Gattegno.

Michel Durand is a divorced psychiatrist in his early forties with a successful practice in Paris. One of his patients is Olga Kubler, the beautiful wife of a prominent business man with a less than scrupulous past. Olga is dealing with a number of interwoven neuroses, including a strong taste for painful, degrading sex and a compulsive habit of stealing things. Durand is afraid to admit that he's become quite bored with Olga's stories about her unconventional sexual liaisons, and one day as she goes on about her favorite subject, he falls asleep. A few minutes later, Durand wakes up, and discovers Olga is dead. Durand has no idea what happened to Olga and isn't sure what to do with the body, but he's too frightened to call the police, so he tries to hide her in his office.

Soon, Durand finds himself followed by a mysterious stranger, dumped by his increasingly suspicious girlfriend, and bothered by Olga's husband, who insists the doctor find some valuables that Olga stole from him.


Jean-Jacques Beineix

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