Chinese Version


The Scent Of Green Papaya (Vietnam / France)


Gradually love becomes true


Director: Tran Anh Hung

Cast: Tran Nu Yen-Khe  Lu Man San

Footage: 104min

Year: 1993

The film begins in 1951, when the beautiful and inquisitive 10-year-old peasant girl Mui is hired to work at the home of an affluent Saigon family. When the father absconds with the family's money, the tireless mother is forced to support the family through the slim profits of her tiny fabric store. Mui becomes attracted to a friend of the family, Khuyen.

Ten years later Mui works in Khuyen's home. Mui serves him as she has served the family — with perfection and silence. Gradually Khuyen begins to take notice of Mui's love for him.


Scent of Green Papaya, The (James Berardinelli)

Scent of Green Papaya, The (Jason Morehead)


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