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Velvet Goldmine (UK/USA)


flamboyant but depraved


Director: Todd Haynes

Cast: Ewan McGregor    Jonathan Rhys Myers   Christian Bale

Footage: 123min

Year: 1998 

This film is a re-creation of the UK glam rock scene of the early '70s.

this  Glam rock star Brian Slade, who does a character named Maxwell Demon, predicts his own death onstage. When the killing is exposed as a hoax, it marks the end of Slade's stardom. A decade later Brit reporter and former Slade fan Arthur Stuart gets the assignment to do a "Whatever Happened To..?" article, and the film's plot suddenly goes into a prismatic mode, reflecting various angles on Slade's life and career including his bisexual experience with his ex-wife Mandy Slad and maniacal American singer Curt Wild. 

The soundtrack features vintage music by Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed, Brian Eno and Gary Glitter, plus new tunes.


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