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Magnolia (USA)


A day in San Fernando Valley


Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Cast: Jason Robards, Jr.   Julianne Moore   Tom Cruise

Footage: 188min

Year: 1999 

Magnolia is a mosaic of American life woven through a series of comic and poignant vignettes.

Earl Partridge, a successful producer of television game shows, left his wife when she contracted cancer to marry the younger and more beautiful Linda. Now, Earl has cancer himself, and Linda spends her day fetching medicines and trying to deal with the imminent death of her husband. Earl want to have a meeting with his estranged son, Frank Mackey has no desire to see his father again. Earl's best-known show is hosted by Jimmy Gator. Jimmy's show pits bright adults against unusually smart kids. Meanwhile, Donnie Smith, who was a champ on Jimmy's show as a child, is not having as much luck as an adult; he's just lost his job and needs to pay for some expensive dental work. Jimmy wants to reconcile with his estranged and emotionally fragile daughter Claudia, who despises him and who will become involved with well-meaning police officer Jim Kurring, who has been desperately lonely since his divorce three years ago.


Magnolia (Eric G)

Magnolia (Anji Milanovic)

Magnolia (James Berardinelli)

"Magnolia" Wilts Under Flowery Direction

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