Chinese Version


Night on Earth (UK/Germany/France/Japan/USA)


Stories in five cabs


Director: Jim Jarmusch

Cast: Winona Ryder   Gena Rowlands   Giancarlo Esposito   Rosie Perez   Roberto Benigni

Footage: 125min

Year: 1991

It is a collection of five vignettes taking place in the enclosed space of a cab ride, each occurring simultaneously in five different cities and five different time zones —Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. 

In Los Angeles: High-powered casting agent Victoria gets a ride from L.A. International Airport with tomboy driver Corky, who would rather go driving her cab to than take up Victoria's offer to make her a superstar. 

In New York: Novice East German cabbie Helmut Grokenberger has difficulty working the foot pedals to his hack and his passenger, YoYo, ends up driving himself to Brooklyn, picking up the shrill-voiced Angela along the way.

 In Paris: An African cab driver ejects a collection of drunken African diplomats from his cab and picks up a beautiful but surly blind girl.

 In Rome: Cab driver Gino engages in a heartfelt monologue confessing his past sexual exploits to his passenger, a priest who is dying of a heart attack in the back seat.

In Helsinki:Taxi driver Mika picks up three inebriated workmen who regale Mika with hard luck stories. But Mika has a much harsher story of his own to tell.


NIGHT ON EARTH (1991) *** 3/4


Night on Earth

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