Chinese Version


All or Nothing (UK/USA)


An ordinary family


Director: Mike Leigh

Cast: Timothy Spall   Lesley Manville   Alison Garland   James Corden

Footage: 128min

Year: 2002

Phil Bassett is a big-hearted cab driver whose perpetual hangdog expression is testament to his joyless life. Common law wife Penny is a supermarket cashier. They have two obese children: Rachel, who cleans floors at a hospital for the elderly, and Rory, unemployed slob. When the couple come to realize the growing emptiness in their relationship, an unexpected emergency within their family brings them closer together and offers the possibility of reigniting the long-extinguished spark in their marriage.


All or Nothing (Ian Waldron-Mantgani)

"All Or Nothing"

All or Nothing (ROGER EBERT)

All or Nothing (Blake French)

All or Nothing (Michael Wilmington)

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