Chinese Version


A Brighter Summer Day (Taiwan)


Sunshine is not always bright


Director: Edward Yang


Zhang zhen   Yang Jingyi   Lin Hongming   Zhang Guozhu

Footage: 237min

Year: 1991

The film is set in 1960 and based on a true incident weighing heavily on Yang's own youth.

S'ir is a high school student whose father is a civil servant . Father was among the millions of Chinese mainlanders who fled to Taipei in 1949. Though there are many youth gangs in and out of school S'ir takes a neutral stand. He knows a flirtatious girl Xiao Ming then they fall in love. Since Xiao Ming keeps touch with youth gangs S'ir is involved in the battle.

Xiao Ming turns her coat to Xiao Ma, S'ir's best friend. S'ir meets her at a secondhand-book market. He expresses his true feelings to her but Xiao Ming refuses him. S'ir pokes her seven times with a dagger. Xiao Ming died. S'ir is arrested.

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