Chinese Version

A Confucian Confusion (Taiwan)

Every body poses

Director: Edward Yang

Cast: Chen Xiangqi   Ni Shujun   Wang Weiming   Zheng Anning

Footage: 133min

Year: 1995 

It tells a story about the confusion in a confucian society.

The relationships within the film are quite convoluted. All the characters are somehow connected by blood, friendship, or sexual chemistry. Birdy is an avant-garde playwright trying to produce his first commercial play. Molly is a well-born young woman who helms a PR company backed by Akeem, her rich boyfriend. Molly's best friend and personal assistant is a lovely girl Qiqi.  Qiqi is to marry her schoolmate, Ming.

Things heat up when Molly reevaluates her life after firing Feng over a disagreement. All people are puzzled but few walk out from confusion.

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