Chinese Version


Buddha Bless America (Taiwan)


Where is peace? What is Zion?


Director: Wu Nian Zhen

Cast: Lin Zheng Sheng   Jiang Shu Na   Yang Zong Xian

Footage: 108min

Year: 1996

American troops will perform maneuvers in a small Taiwanese town. Though they may result in any damage the government consents to compensate for it, so the villagers, in need of money agree to it.

Lin-wen is an opportunistic ex-teacher. His young brother lost two fingers in a Japanese-owned factory. They are kept pickled in a jar. Lin-wen and his brother hope that American army surgeons will be able to re-attach the fingers but they fail. At the same time the villagers steal many army goods. Lin-wen's wife think he is cripplehood and blames him because he dare not steal. In a pet Lin-wen and his brother haul two big boxes. Opening them villagers find two American bodies.

Brother buries his fingers with despair. Americans depart and leave over a lot of rubbish. Can the village resume pure austerity?


Buddha bless America