Chinese Version


Sweet Degeneration (Taiwan)


Love between sister and brother


Director: Lin Cheng-sheng

Cast: Lee Kang-Sheng  Chen Shiang-Chyi  Chang Pen-yu

Footage: 118min

Year: 1998

Separated from her husband, lonely dress-designer Ju-feng hopes to spend time with her brother Chuen-sheng , but when he returns from military service, he wants to play sax, and hang out with Taipei hookers. Mei-li steals Ju-feng's cell phone, with the result that the two know each other only through phone conversations. Coincidentally, Chuen-sheng has sex with Mei-li, telling her in passing how he once slept with his sister. Unaware that Chuen-sheng is Ju-feng's brother, Mei-li uses no name when she relates this anecdote to Ju-feng. Later, Chuen-sheng introduces Mei-li to his father and sister, and Ju-feng is stunned when she finally begins to jigsaw together all the connections. She walks to the beach.

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