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Good Men, Good Women (Taiwan/Japan)


An unjust charge of Taiwan politics 






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Director: Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Cast: Yi Nengjing   Lin Qiang   Gao Jie

Footage: 108min

Year: 1995 

A bar-girl turned actress, Liang Jing,  becomes more and more involved with the film role she is rehearsing. The role she plays is that of a real life heroine of the anti-Japanese war who is later prosecuted for her left wing activism in Taiwan. The film journeys back and forth between the actress's world and the world within the film.

Chiang Bi-yu ventures to China with her new husband Chung Hao-tung to join the anti-Japanese resistance along with three other friends. Once in China, they are immediately suspected of being Japanese spies and are almost executed.  When the war ends, they return to Taiwan. Chung takes a job as the principal of a school in the south of the island and starts a Marxist journal. Soon Chung and Chiang are rounded up and brutally interrogated. Chiang is eventually released to her small brood of children while Chung is thrown against the wall and shot. 

Still reeling from the murder of her gangster boyfriend Ah Wei. Liang is being faxed daily pages of her stolen diary, forcing her to confront her past. Soon the borders between the lives of Chiang and Liang become less and less distinct.

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History and sadness: Hou Hsiao-hsien's Good Men, Good Women

Good Men, Good Women by Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Good Men, Good Women