Chinese Version


Wolves Cry Under The Moon (Taiwan)


Can't find my way


Director: Ho Ping

Cast: Annie Shizuka Inoh   To Tzong-hua   Chang Shi   Gu Bao-ming

Footage: 122min

Year: 1997

To prepare for the coming election, the government closes the main Taiwan north-south highway for 12 hours, creating chaotic traffic jams spilling onto side roads and affecting several lives. A stressed-out chauffeur who hates his job, gets increasingly hyper; A female thief steals a car but keeps in contact with the owner via cellular phone and is entangled; three puppeteers become lost; and a hitman  hijacks a bus driven by an older man, then they become friends. The killer goes out to gives himself up. Suspecting he wants to assassinate politicians a policeman shoots him.


Wolves Cry Under The Moon

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