Chinese Version


Jam (Taiwan)


Misty emotions


Director: Chen Yiwen

Cast: Cai Xinhong   June Cai   Vina Xu   Gao Mingjun

Footage: 102min

Year: 1998

The story is divided into four parts.

A gang member Hua Ge steals a car and kills an old man. The young and inexperienced couple, Kai and Jia Jia, make the mistake of stealing the car abandoned by Hua Ge. They have to  answer an ad for the car's return placed by original owner Miss He, who is sleeping with married film producer Liu because she wants Liu to finance a film from the screenplay written by her lover. Jiajia is jealous when Shaoqun links up with Kai.

What merits our attention is the personages' complicated emotional relation: Kai's yearning of Miss He and indifference to Jia Jia, Jia Jia's unrequited love with Kai, Miss He's indefinite choice between the boss and her lover and Hua Ge's helplessness to his girl friends. These are what the the director focuses on.

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