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Vive L'amour (Taiwan)


Three wanderers



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Director: Tsai Ming-Liang

Cast: Yang Kuei-Mei   Lee Kang-Sheng   Chen Chao-Jung

Footage: 118min

Year: 1994

The movie focuses on three lonely souls: Hsiao-kang, a gay salesman of crematorium niches who wanders the city on his scooter; Ah-jung, a handsome street hawker of counterfeit designer goods; and May Lin, a struggling real estate agent.

 Hsiao-kang sneaks into a vacant apartment with a stolen key, takes a bath, and tries to slash his wrists. Meanwhile, May picks up Ah-jung and enters the same flat for a late-night tryst. Each character goes through the tedium of their lives: May waits in empty houses for prospective clients; Ah-jung hawks his wares while avoiding the police, and Hsiao-kang places fliers in anonymous mailboxes. All three use the unoccupied apartment at various times for their own needs without realizing the presence of the others.

There is no love between Ah-jung and May while Hsiao-kang falls love with Ah-jung.


Love, the Ideal

Tsai Ming-liang's Vive l'amour: Taipei's lonely souls

Vive l'amour