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Solas (Spain)


A feeling of isolation


Director: Benito Zambrano

Cast: Ana Fernandez   Maria Galiana   Carlos Alvarez-Novoa

Footage: 98min

Year: 1998

Maria cannot stand the authoritarian ways of her father who lives in the country and moves to a nameless city in southern Spain. Her mother is forced to come to the city when her husband goes into the hospital. She is pregnant, and the fact that her boyfriend has abandoned her does not help matters. Mother cooks, crochets and patiently tries to reach out to her daughter. However while she visits her semi-unconscious husband she begins to think about her life with him, suddenly realizing the level of mental, verbal and physical abuse that he has been inflicting on herself and daughter for years. Their neighbor, an old recluse whose only friend is his dog, begins to come out of his shell and these three lost souls try to give each other the strength to start over.


'Solas' in a class all alone for its life lessons




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