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Hable con Ella (Spain)

Talk to Her

Falling in love with a vegetative girl


Director: Pedro Almodovar

Cast: Javier Camara   Dario Grandinetti   Leonor Watling    Rosario Flores

Footage: 116min

Year: 2002

In the opening scene two men are seated next to each other at an avant-garde ballet performance by the Pina Bausch company. Benigno is deeply moved by what is happening in front of his eyes and when he turns to Marco, he sees that he is crying.

Benigno is a male nurse at a private hospital who spends most of his time looking after Alicia, a ballet dancer who was injured in a traffic accident. He finds himself becoming infatuated with her. Now Benigno lavishes her with attention and care, convinced that she can hear what he is saying and sense the love that is coming her way.

Marco is a journalist who was assigned to interview Lydia, a well-known female bullfighter. Lydia is gored by the bull, and is now in a coma. Alicia and Lydia are both housed in the same ward of the same hospital, and in time Benigno and Marco become close friends.

Alicia becomes pregnant mystically. Benigno is arrested. When he gets to know Alicia has been recovered he leaves a message to Marco that he arranges to escape.


Hable con ella (Talk To Her)

Hable con ella - Talk To Her

Talk To Her

Talk to her makes you feel good to cry

REVIEW: The Postmodern Melodrama of Almodovar's "Talk to Her"

If there is one movie you have to see, make it Talk To Her

Hable con ella (2002)


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