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Tito I Ja (Yugoslavia / France)

Tito And Me

A independent pudgy


Director: Goran Markovic

Cast: Dimitrie Vojnov   Lazar Ristovski   Anica Dobra

Footage: 110min

Year: 1993 

It's Goran Markovic's semi-autobiographical film.

Set in Belgrade in 1954. A pudgy, 10-year-old Zoran, is a quirky child who, to his parents' dismay, adores Yugoslavia's charismatic leader Marshall Tito more than he does his own family. In the rare moments when Zoran is not dreaming about Tito, his thoughts are filled with Jasna, an awkward 12-year-old orphan girl. When Jasna says that she is going away for two weeks on a walking tour of Tito's homeland, Zoran is inspired to win an essay contest, in order to accompany her. Although the tour turns out to be a disaster of itchy rashes, rainy nights and ghosts in palaces, Zoran discovers the strength of true friendship, and the importance of his love for his family.


Tito and Me

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