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Pro Urodov i Lyudey (Russia)

Of Freak And Men

Russian unusual families


Director: Alexei Balabanov

Cast: Sergei Makovetsky   Dinara Drukarova   Chingiz Tsydendabayev   Alyesha De

Footage: 93min

Year: 1998

It is set in turn-of-the-century St. Petersburg, where a middle-class family and an upper-class family both become intertwined with pornographic photographer Johann. Dr. Stasov treats railroad engineer Radlov. Johann takes an interest in the doctor's maid and Radlov's daughter. Johann is thwarted in his lust for Lisa.

This film may seem morbidly negative. The dream of western freedom is undermined from the start. Liza's hopes are evoked by leitmotif shots of a train seen from her window, but her orgiastic train journey to the west is soon followed by depressive drifting through leaf-blown streets.


Of Freaks and Men/Po Urodov i Liudei

Of Freaks and Men

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