Chinese Version


Postman Blues (Japan)


A disembodied pinky and the police's confused logic


Director: Sabu

Cast: Shinichi Tsutsumi   Keiko Tohyama  Ren Ohsugi  Keisuke Horibe

Footage: 110min

Year: 1998

Sawaki is a sick and tired of his tedious toils with the daily mail. One day he encounters his old high school who works as a yakuza drug mule. Despite his job's considerable occupational hazards — a missing pinky being one — Noguchi loves his job, arguing that being a mobster at least makes life interesting. This chance meeting strikes a chord with the postman. While playing hooky from work, he starts to read his charges' letters. One written by a dying lass with cancer named Sayoko staying at a local hospital piques his interest. He sets out to visit her the following day and immediately falls in love. In the same ward, he also meets another cancer patient named Joe — a pathologically honest hitman who Sawaki takes an immediate shine to.

Meanwhile the police start to believe that Sawaki is a part of his drug courier biz as well. After they find the disembodied finger in the postman's apartment, they think he's a blood thirsty loon ball as well. Soon the mobster, the postman and the hitman are running after each other and for their lives, with the cops in hot pursuit.


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