Chinese Version


Malena (Italy USA)

Beautiful Sicilian tale


Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Cast: Monica Bellucci   Giuseppe Sulfaro

Footage: 106min

Year: 2000

This story takes place amidst the outbreak of World War II. Renato is a 13-year-old boy growing up in a small sleepy Sicilian town. Mussolini has risen to power and has declared war upon England and France, but young boys have other things on their mind — mostly girls. Malena, the most beautiful woman of Sicily, is always the subject of increasingly malicious gossip among the lustful townmen and their wives. Renato is immediately obsessed with Malena and follows her, spying on her whenever circumstances permit.

Malena's circumstances take a turn for the worst after her husband is reported to have died in combat, and she is forced to resort to prostitution to survive. When the war ends she is brutally attacked by a pack of angry matrons and driven from town. Her husband turns out to be alive and finds his spouse is missing. As the only MAN who sympathizes with Malena, Renato writes to help him. Finally Malena comes back calmly.

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