Chinese Version


The Mirror (Iran)


A lost girl


Director: Jafar Panahi

Cast: Mina Mohammad Khani   Kadem Mojdehi

Footage: 93min

Year: 1997 

The interesting story is about a feisty little girl trying to find her way home. The girl's journey begins when she exits school and discovers that her mother is not outside awaiting her. The child sports a cast, calls home, but no one answers. Though she doesn't know her own address, she is pretty sure she can find her way and so boards what looks like the correct bus. During the journey she watches the people around her. When they finally arrive at the terminus, she realizes that she has gone the wrong way. A friendly driver puts matters to rights, but by this time the actress who acts the little girl has become petulant and it is at this time that the course of the film surprisingly transcends itself to become a film about making a film.


The Mirror: No Time for Stardom on Tehran's Busy Streets

The Mirror


Jafar Panahi: An Independent Filmmaker