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The Day I Became a Woman (Iran)


Three female Iranian


Director: Marzieh Meshkini

Cast: Fatemeh Cheragh Akhtar   Shabnam Toloui   Azizeh Seddighi

Footage: 78min

Year: 2000

This film tells three intertwined tales of women's struggle for identity. 

Episode one, entitled "Havva," concerns a young girl on the morning of her ninth birthday. Against her better wishes, she is forced to stay home, away from her best friend who has asked her to play with him. Learning she was born at noon, the young girl requests one more hour to do what she wishes so she can be a girl one last time. 

Episode two, entitled "Ahoo," follows a young woman who is being pursued on horseback by her stern husband and family to give up her simple sport, whom she is fleeing on bicycle in the midst of a women's biking race. She must make a quick decision about whether or not to return to family life. 

Episode three, called "Houra," follows an elderly woman who enlists the help of a young boy and his friends to take her on a shopping spree, where she intends to buy all of the things she has ever wanted out of life.


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