Chinese Version


Through The Olive Trees (Iran)


Chase of love


Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Cast: Hossein Rezai  Tahereh Ladanian

Footage: 103min

Year: 1994

At the beginning an actor playing the director, tells the audience that he will be the only professional actor in the film. The Director selects a young woman, Tahereh, who was recently orphaned in the last earthquake to play the heroine. A young worker Hossein is in love with her, but her parents are against their daughter's marriage with a young worker with no house of his own. When an earthquake destroys all house in the village, the disheartened young worker is left with the gloomy consolation that now everybody is homeless like himself.

The director is assigned to prepare crew member Hossein to play the new hero. Hossein asks again for the hand of the girl. But she refuses to speak to him on camera or off. Hossein talks to the Director who subsequently changes the story. But Tahereh cannot distinguish her role from reality and refuses to speak her lines. The Director changes the story again.


Through the Olive Trees: Life as art…as life

A poor man pursues love


Through the Olive Trees (aka Under the Olive Trees)

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