Chinese Version


Taste of Cherry (Iran)


Taste of life


Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Cast: Homayoun Ershadi   Abdolrahman Bagheri

Footage: 98min

Year: 1997 

Mr. Badii, a middle-aged man wishing to kill himself,  driving his Range Rover across the outskirts of Tehran. He searches for someone who will agree to bury his body if he succeeds in his mission — a planned overdose of sleeping pills — or rescue him if he fails. Offering a large sum of money in exchange for these services, he first picks up a Kurdish soldier who ultimately flees in fear upon learning of Badii's plan. The second passenger, an Afghani seminary student, instead attempts to convince him of the sanctity of human life. Finally, Badii picks up a old man who reluctantly agrees to check the body for signs of life only because he needs the money to care for his sick daughter. The old man works in museum. He also tries to dissuade Badii from ending it all. Does Badii successfully carry out his plan? Nobody knows exactly.

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