Chinese Version




Terrorist on the road


Director: Santosh Sivan

Cast: Ayesha Dharkar  Vishnu Vardhan

Footage: 100min

Year: 1998

Malli is a teen terrorist of a resistance group. She is already trained as a cool-hearted killer during most of her life. Once she is chosen to be a "thinking bomb" after a competition assassinating a dignitary with plastic explosives strapped to her stomach. 

  Malli moves through the jungle and arrives at the farm of friendly landowner Vasuderan, aka Mad Vasu. On the farm, she poses as an agricultural student, but the waking coma of Vasu's wife in the adjacent room is disturbing. Memories and flashbacks also intrude, as Malli contemplates her forthcoming task.

After a series of drilling Malli starts off.

The barbaric and crawly sound effect gives us a profound impression.