Chinese Version


Made In Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


Teenager's despair


Director: Fruit Chan

Cast: Sam Lee   Neiky Yim

Footage: 108min

Year: 1997

This Hong Kong street-punk drama focuses on young tough Chung-chau and his slow-witted sidekick Sylvester. Sylvester finds blood-covered letters near the body of a suicide victim, schoolgirl Susan. Chung-chau feels possessed by her spirit and delivers the letters. Chung-chau falls for 16-year-old Ping, and when she vanishes, he goes over the edge, agreeing to carry out a killing for his boss. However, he fails. He aims at his boss, personal enemy and himself.


Made in Hong Kong (YTSL)

Made in Hong Kong (Darragh O’ Donoghue)

Made in Hong Kong

Made in Hong Kong (1997)

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