Chinese Version


The Longest Summer (Hong Kong)


Retired soldiers' 1997


Director: Fruit Chan

Cast: Tony Ho   Sam Lee   Jo Kuk   Chan Sang

Footage: 129min

Year: 1999

The Longest Summer is set in the summer of 1997, during the months leading up to and following the handover of Hong Kong to China. At the beginning of the film, several of the main characters are being dismissed following the dissolution of the Hong Kong division of the British Army. The movie follows one of these men, Ga Yin, in his efforts to find a place for himself in a new Hong Kong. At first he  finds himself without a career when the Hong Kong Military Service Corps is disbanded. Soon Ga-Yin and his buddies join forces with Ga-Yin's brother and together they hatch an elaborate scheme to rob a bank. He takes up a life of crime.


The Longest Summer

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