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Pierrot Le Fov (France/Italy)

Pierrot Is Wild

A maniac who courts destruction


Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo   Anna Karina

Footage: 110min

Year: 1965

Ferdinand's wife hires Marianne as a baby-sitter. As he drives Marianne home, Ferdinand decides to run away with her. The couple get caught up in a mysterious gun-running scheme involving Marianne's brother. When a dead body is found in Marianne’s apartment, the two lovers head for the South of France to escape being caught up in gangster activities.  On an island Ferdinand is content to read and write poetry, but Marianne’s impatience gets the better of her and she disappears to join her brother, a notorious gun runner.  Another dead body is found, then armed gangsters arrive on the scene to menace Ferdinand… 


Pierrot Le Fou

Pierrot Le Fou

Pierrot le fou,1965

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