Chinese Version


Choses Quejesais Delle (France)

Two or Three Things I Know About Her

Whisper about Paris

Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Cast: Marina Vlady    Anny Duperey

Footage: 90min

Year: 1967

The "her" of the title refers to two objects: the capital city Paris and Juliette, a woman who resides in one of Paris's drab, ugly suburbs.

Using a fragmented narrative style that mirrors Juliette's clipped, confused existence, Godard looks at a day in the life of Juliette and the cast of Parisian women that revolves around her. Godard himself provides a whispered, but very trenchant, narration throughout the film, which further implicates the modern world for moving too quickly and soullessly, condemning the escalating violence in Vietnam, the growing infatuation with television, and the world animalistic dependence on sex and sexuality. 

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