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Alphaville (France/Italy)


City of logic and grief


Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Cast: Eddie Constantine   Anna Karina

Footage: 100min

Year: 1965

Godard's Alphaville remains the most unconventional science fiction film.

Lemmy Caution, the hero Godard borrowed from a series of French adventure films, comes to Alphaville, capital of a totalitarian state, in order to destroy its leader, an almost human computer named Alpha 60. Unfortunately he meets Natasha, the daughter of the scientist who designed Alpha 60, and falls in love with her. Their love becomes the most profound challenge to Alphaville''s logic.

Godard uses 1960s Paris to depict the city of the future. The use of contemporary locations also reminds us that the plight of the characters is our own.

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Alphaville (1965)

Alphaville (Godard, 1965)