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Trouble Every Day (France)

Alternative bloodsuckers

Director: Claire Denis

Cast: Vincent Gallo   Tricia Vessey   Beatrice Dalle

Footage: 102min

Year: 2001

French phenom Claire Denis' blood-soaked tone poem is light on incident but heavy on miserable stinking dread.

Shane Brown is a strange man with a forbidding nature who has just married lovely but nervous June. They come  to Paris for their honeymoon. A beautiful but dangerous woman named Core has been leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake when she's captured by Leo Semeneau, a mysterious scientist who spirits her away to his estate. Shane and Core have something rather unusual in common — both are murderous cannibals. One of Shane's reasons for coming to Paris was to find Leo Semeneau and retrieve some important information.


Trouble Every Day (Frank Ochieng)

Love, Sex, and Cannibalism; Claire Denis' Extreme "Trouble Every Day"

Trouble Every Day  (Dave Meehan)

Trouble Every Day (Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece)

Trouble Every Day (2001)

Trouble Every Day (2002)

Trouble Every Day (Claire Denis) 2002

Trouble Every Day (Bryant Frazer)

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