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Roberto Succo (France)


Serial Killer


Director: Cedric Kahn

Cast: Stefano Cassetti   Isild Le Besco

Footage: 124min

Year: 2001

Roberto Succo is based on a book about the real-life criminal of the same name.

Lea is a 16-year-old student who is on summer vacation from school when she meets a man named Kurt. But soon she learns that her boyfriend is actually Roberto Succo, a notorious criminal wanted for robbery, assault, murder, and rape. Finally, Lea decides to inform the police about Roberto's whereabouts, but it turns out to be too late — Roberto has hit the road, and kidnapped the first of several women in a bid to get out of the country before the law can catch him.


Roberto Succo (Robert Chilcott)

Roberto Succo (George O. Singleton)

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