Chinese Version


La Cité Des Enfants Perdus (France/Germany/Spain)

The City Of Lost Children

A sci-maniac who steals dreams


Director: Marc Caro   Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Cast: Ron Perlman   Daniel Emilfork   Judith Vittet   Dominique Pinon

Footage: 112min

Year: 1995

Krank is a foul, monstrous creature who lords over the inhabitants of a small island; Krank's emotional being is every bit as ugly as his physical personage, largely because he does not have the ability to dream. However, he has developed a machine that can drain the dreams of others from their heads, and he devotes himself to kidnapping children from a nearby harbor town so that he can steal their pleasant dreams.

Denree is one of the children who has been spirited off to the island. His big brother One, a harpoon-wielding mountain of a man, sets out on a rescue mission. Once he arrives on Krank's island, One encounters a brain in a fish tank that has learned to talk, a group of clones who can't decide who is the original, a pair of Siamese twins, and a girl named Miette who says she can guide One to Denree.


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