Chinese Version


Pola X (France/Switzerland/Japan/Germany)


Mysterious woman


Director: Leos Carax

Cast: Guillaume Depardieu   Ekaterina Golubeva   Catherine Deneuve

Footage: 134min

Year: 1999 

Based on Melville's 1852 novel, Pierre, or the Ambiguities, Carax sets this gothic romance in contemporary France.

Pierre lives with his mother in Normandy. He is romantically attached to the beautiful and delicate Lucie and visits her every morning with the motorcycle he has inherited from his father.  But the recurring dream of a woman engulfed by darkness haunts him. A mysterious woman from the Balkans suddenly shows up claiming to be his half-sister Isabelle. Together they move to Paris, where they join an alternative community inhabiting a dark Parisian netherworld. Trapped between two worlds and two identities, Pierre careers toward destruction.


Pola X

Pola X (2000)

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