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Ressources Humaines (France)

Human Resources

Struggling to the end


Director: Laurent Cantet

Cast: Djallil Lespert   Jean-Claude Vallod   Lucien Longueville

Footage: 103min

Year: 1999 

Franck is a recent college graduate who has obtained an internship with a metalworking concern, where his father has worked as a machinist since leaving school. Franck's job is to aid management and act as a liaison with labor as the plant switches over to a new 35-hour work week. Franck takes his new job seriously — seriously enough to go out of his way to research the opinions of the workers regarding the firm's new plans. It's obvious that Franck wants to stand up for the rights of the employees, but this isn't sitting well with the boss, and that leaves dad as the man in the middle. Franck then discovers that the company has taken the data he collected and used it in deceptive ways; the result is a corporate edict that will lead to the firing of many long-time employees, including Franck's father. Franck moves from management's to labor's side in this struggle, but at the same time he must tend to the strained relationship between himself and his father.


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