Hardcore Collection - The Films of Richard Kern (USA)

硬核——Richard Kern作品集 (美国)


Director: Richard Kern

Cast: Lydia Lunch   Nick Zedd   Richard Kern

Footage: 170min

Year: 2000

导演: Richard Kern

主演:Lydia Lunch   Nick Zedd   Richard Kern

片长: 170分钟

出品时间: 2000

New York City based performance artist and photographer Richard Kern always focuses  in the darkest side and pierces of the human nature. This is a collection of thirteen short films from 1980's to early 1990's.

纽约行为艺术家、摄影家Richard Kern总是喜欢尖锐地对准人性的阴暗面。这张作品集收集了1980年代到1990年代早期的13部短片。


The Right Side of My Brain   我的右脑

25'  1985

The usual rituals of daily life are suspended in this study in psychological free fall, as Lydia Lunch spends her time squirming in bed, undressing, fondling her tits, and submitting to some violent sex with a mysterious grunge boy with a gun.

日常生活琐事按心理学方式自由表现出来,Lydia Lunch在床上扭动身体,脱衣服,抚摸乳房,并且与一个带枪的诡秘邋遢的男孩激烈做爱。

The Manhattan Love Suicides   曼哈顿爱的自杀

36'  1985

Made up of four vignettes: "Stray Dogs" has a model trying to get an artist's attention by literally coming apart. "Woman at the Wheel" has a gal and a new car, and how the men in her life won't let her enjoy driving. "Thrust in Me" has a woman committing suicide, and her boyfriend's rather strange reaction. "I Hate You Now" has a disfigured dealer and his girlfriend, who decides to join him in his disability with the help of a steam iron.


Submit to Me   服从我

10'  1986

It dispenses with narrative entirely, being simply a record of brief performances by some of Kern’s friends and actors.


You Killed Me First   你先杀了我

11'  1985

Teen angst is taken to a bloody finale in this badly written and directed short. It's a critique of middlebrow American life.


The Evil Cameraman   邪恶的摄影师

11'  1990

Kern is himself, putting female models through hell.


Fingered   手指

24'  1986

The film opens with Lydia Lunch as a phone-sex operator who hooks up with one of her clients. They go on a crime spree, assaulting various friends, strangers, and terrorizing a young teen girl.

影片开始Lydia Lunch是一个色情热线接线员,她和一个顾客勾搭在一起。然后就开始了一场犯罪闹剧,袭击朋友和陌生人,还恐吓一个年轻女孩。

Submit to Me Now   现在服从我

19'  1987

The cast of the film act out various sadomasochistic practices before it delves into gory self mutilation.


X is Y   X就是Y

3'  1990

This is a pointless exercise in images as attractive women sport guns and rifles.


Horoscope   占星术

4'  1991

A young woman reads her horoscope at work, goes home, and fantasizes that she is being fought over by two nude men.


The Bitches   婊子们

9'  1992

Two competing women seduce a man. They glare, dress up, give attitude, change clothes, curl their hair, and smolder......


Death Valley 69   死亡峡谷69

6'  1986

Faked crime scenes, cruise missiles, gun toting band members. The film is a catalog of violent teenage wish-fulfillment fantasies via giant switchblades, martyred teens who’ve been eviscerated, and attacks by cops with tear gas.


The Sewing Circle   妇女缝纫会

7'  1992

Two women sew another woman's vagina. "It’s so fabulous!" — It undoubtedly bolstered some critics’ view of Kern as a misogynist taking pleasure in the literal suppression of female sexuality.


My Nightmare   我的恶梦

6'  1993

Kern himself appears as a photographer who masturbates to a sexual fantasy of his model but the real thing shows up and is not as uninhibited as he would like.





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