The Short Films of David Lynch (USA)

大卫·林奇短片集 (美国)


Director: David Lynch

Footage: 90min

Year: 2002

导演: David Lynch

片长: 90分钟

出品时间: 2002

Six short films from the incomparable mind of David Lynch. As a filmmaker, He  walks the fine line between worship and scorn, never letting mass acceptance (or ridicule) influence his creative vision.

David Lynch的六部独特构思的短片。他总走在崇敬与蔑视之间,而且创造力从来没受到大众的影响。


Six Men Getting Sick   六人患病

4‘  1966

Six cartoon heads grow ill, and then vomit.


The Alphabet   字母表

4‘  1968

A young girl has a tortured night terror about growing up, learning, and reciting the alphabet.


The Grandmother   老奶奶

34‘  1970

The plot centers around a boy who looks for an escape from his abusive parents. Seeking solace, the boy finds a strange bag of seeds in an upstairs bedroom, one of which he plants. After a long period of germination and growth, the seed blooms and a "grandmother" is born. This kindly old woman takes care of the boy. But trouble looms as the parents discover what the boy has been up to.


The Amputee: 2 Versions   被截肢者:2个版本

5'/4‘  1974

A young woman writes a letter to a lover about friendship, trust, and betrayal, as a male nurse cares for her hideously mangled leg stumps.


The Cowboy and the Frenchman  牛仔与法国人

26‘  1989

Three cowboys spend a lazy afternoon on the dude ranch, when what should come down the hillside but a lost man, dressed in a very European suit and beret. After ransacking his valise, they discover he is French. There is a huge language gap, but mutual goodwill seems to bind them together. They party all night and into the next day.


Lumière   卢米埃尔

52"  1995

Created to celebrate the 100th year of the Lumière camera and the advent of motion pictures.




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