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Lashes Hair


A dying old man sees a little girl in his dream and becomes so sure she is his mother. But he never saw her face before. Old man comes back to his childhood.


Movie clip


Director: Kim Joo-ho

Footage: 14min

Pink Movie


She works as an event assistant, meets her boyfriend and makes love, gets paid after the event is over and spends her holiday, the last is an opening event of a clothing store. These are the contents of a girl's life.

Director: Yun Jin

Footage: 16min



A boy is falling from the roof. The moment his head almost reaches to the ground, the world around him stops. Then the world is turning upside-down to a whole new world.


Movie clip




Director: Jeon Young-chan

Footage: 4min

A Head


A, hatched from the egg becomes a new man after being assembled. A is aware that he is incomplete. He tries to reborn as a perfect man. However, he meets B who is the same kind as A and gets killed by B.

Director: Lim Jong-koon

Footage: 7min




1. "Lashes Hair" by Kim Joo-ho (14min, 16mm, experimental)

2.  "A Drop of Clear Salty Liquid" by Bu Ji-young (17min, 16mm, b&w)

3.  "Pink Movie" by Yun Jin (16min, 16mm, color)

4.  "Planet-Hopping" by Choi Chang-hwan (16min, 16mm, color)

5.  "Intolerance" by Song Mi-na (19min, 16mm, color)

6.  "Bye" by Kim Jung-hwa (3min, 35mm, color, cel animation)

7.  "Falling" by Jeon Young-chan (4min, 35mm, color, 2D animation)

8.  "Kid" by Kim Sang-nahm (11min, 35mm, color, 2D computer animation)

9.  "49" by Kook Kyung-jin (7min, 35mm, b&w, paper animation)

10.  "Behind Story" by Kim Mi-kyung (7min, 35mm, color, painting on paper)

11.  "A Head" by Lim Jong-koon (7min, 35mm, color, metallic puppet animation)


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