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It describes a criminal process. "Kill", "kill the boss", "the reason", "the result", these four segments make up this story.




Director: Ying Liang

Footage: 4min13sec

Year: 2002

Did I Meet You?


A young man from Chong Qing arrive in Fu Zhou to look for a job. He loses his aunt's address information so he calls his parents in Chong Qing. At this time an urban youth comes. They brush past each other. Perhaps they will never know that there is a subtle relationship between them: they have touched the same Coke bottle.

Director: Zheng Ping

Footage: 7min40sec

Year: 2002

A Number of Twinkling is Stretching to Night


Where is your story? Where is your very common life? Where are the characters that your thought depends on? It is only some chip kept in to video here, extend to or extended by night......

 1. Turn over cellars of your memory

 2. Get on attics of your subconscious

 3. Go to the dreamlike back garden

 4. move the slabstone of the well head away

Director: Chen Xiao-yun

Footage: 11min28sec

Year: 2002

Out of Service Area


Xi An is a temporary labourer from . He is attracted by the multicoloured city and works hard for a better life. Hua Hua is a girl who comes from countryside with Xi An. They have good feeling each other. But Hua Hua marrys a rich man finally because of the pressure of life. Xi AN has to join a robber clique under the forcing of  life. He has knock over the partner and calls the police. He escapes and goes back to the countryside. At this moment Xi An  has already not been used to the rural poverty life. Xi An begins to hesitate again.

Director: Han Ye-qiang

Footage: 62min

Year: 2002

All movies of The Second Chinese DV Festival can be downloaded at New Youth Club (Not free)