Death in Gaza (UK)

加沙与死亡 (英国)


Director: James Miller

Footage: 77min

Year: 2004

导演: James Miller

片长: 77分钟

出品时间: 2004

It's a documentary about children living in the Arab-Israeli war zone. Poverty, religious fanaticism and war have been teaching people to hate all over the region.

James Miller and producer Saira Shah interviewed with three Palestinian children living in Rafah, a war-torn city on the Gaza strip. Each day the kids maneuver their way through a city patrolled by Israeli tanks and Palestinian paramilitary groups, papered with posters of martyrs and littered with the rubble and twisted wreckage of bombed and razed buildings. Faced with relentless violence, they  grapple constantly with the complexities of nationalism--a deep-seated love of Palestine and hatred of Israel.

However, Miller was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier during production. Producer Saira Shah compiles the footage and completes the film.


James Miller和制片人Saira Shah在加沙地带采访了居住在战火肆虐的Rafah的三个巴勒斯坦儿童。每天孩子们都在有以色列坦克和巴勒斯坦准军事武装巡逻的城中进行战争演习,那里贴满了死难者的画像,到处是碎石瓦砾、汽车残骸以及被夷平的建筑。面对残酷的暴力,他们紧紧拥抱错综复杂的民族主义——一种根深蒂固的对巴勒斯坦的爱和对以色列的恨。

然而,在制作电影的过程中,Miller被以色列士兵射杀了。制片人Saira Shah编辑完成了此片。



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Apr 25, 2005