Architectures (France)

建筑 (法国)


Footage: 163+136+160min

Year: 2003

片长: 163+136+160分钟

出品时间: 2003

This stellar series from European public television channel ARTE pays respect to the craft and art of architecture. It looks at architecture and its historical and social functions and to reveal its meaning and impact on humanity.

 Architectures 1 covers milestones like Germany's famed Bauhaus and the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, and examines the work of architects Jean Nouvel, Otto Wagner, Walter Gropius, Alvaro Siza, and others.

Architectures 2 analyses Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax building, the innovations of the Galleria Umberto 1, the luxurious Stone Thermal Baths, and a high-speed train station in Satolas.

Architectures 3 examines the Jewish Museum of Berlin, designed by Daniel Liebeskind; Louis Sullivan's Auditorium Theatre in Chicago; a Dominican convent designed by Le Corbusier; Charles Garnier's Parisian Opera; and buildings by Antonio Gaudi and Alvar Aalto.


第一部包括了里程碑意义的德国著名建筑包豪斯以及巴黎的蓬皮杜中心,还有Jean Nouvel, Otto Wagner, Walter Gropius, Alvaro Siza等人的作品。

第二部分析的是Frank Lloyd Wright的约翰逊制蜡公司大楼,Galleria Umberto 1的革新,豪华的石质温泉浴室,以及位于Satolas的高速铁路车站。

第三部研究了Daniel Liebeskind设计的柏林犹太人大屠杀纪念馆,Louis Sullivan的芝加哥礼堂,Le Corbusier设计的多米尼加修道院,Charles Garnier的巴黎歌剧院,以及Antonio Gaudi 和 Alvar Aalto的建筑作品。



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