铁西区 (China)


Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks

Director: Wang Bing

Footage: 556min

Year: 2003

导演: 王兵

片长: 556分钟

出品时间: 2003

The Tie Xi district in Shenyang in northeast China was established during the Japanese occupation and transformed into a highly populated industrial area. In China’s rush to modernity—reform and restructuring, factory bankruptcies and closures, demolition and relocation of old neighborhoods, the changing ties between state ownership and company employees—working class families have had the bear the heaviest brunt of all these pressures.

 Part One: Rust. Scenes of three important factories in Tie Xi that are all on the verge of closure — a development sure to accelerate the region's economic downturn.

Part Two: Vestiges. Follows a group of teenagers living in workers housing due to be demolished. As winter snowstorms arrive they are forced to make difficult choices about their futures.

Part Three: Rails. Some people make their earnings by bumming around and on the rail lines. With the downturn of the economy, which in turn decreases the rail traffic, these scavengers are also falling into desperate times.

Tie Xi Qu was supported by Rotterdam Film Festival’s Hubert Bals Fund.





《铁西区》得到了鹿特丹电影节Hubert Bals基金的资助。



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Mar 12, 2005