Chinese Version


Along The Railway (China)

Producer: Du Hanbin

Footage: 98min

Year: 2001


Spring 2000: a group of vagrants in China’s Baoji county gathers on a trash platform near the railway station to celebrate the New Year. Most of the people in the group are around the same age, and they come from all parts of the country. During the day, they venture into the city, wandering aimlessly. At night, they sleep along the rails of the station. They pick up trash and bottles around the railway, and sell them in order to earn a bit of money for food. Among them is Zhou Fu, who lost his money and identity card on his way home from work in the city. Two others, Li Xiaolong and Huo Hongchang, ran away from a detention home. And little Xiao Yunnan was dumped by his boss after he had worked for him for three years. Feng Xiang ran away from home after an argument with his family about getting married. 

Six months later, most of them are nowhere to be found. There are rumours that someone saw Zhou Fu dancing naked in the streets. What drove him to the edge of madness is not known. Li Xiaolong was picked up by a policeman who took him under his wing. Xiaolong might turn out to be one of the luckier ones who have a chance to start a little stall selling barbecued mutton. Yunnan is now the leader among the younger vagrants. Huo Hongchang had been sent back to his hometown, but ran back to the railway station. Feng Xiang was locked up for stealing. 

Life along the railroad might seem dramatic to a lot of people, but it is moving on



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