Chinese Version


East Palace, West Palace (China/France)


Criminal loves executioner, female thief loves jailer


Director: Zhang Yuan

Cast: Si Han   Hu Jun   Zhao Wei

Footage: 94min

Year: 1997 

Based on Wang Xiaobo's fiction.

Primarily a psychological drama, it centers on a verbal cat-and-mouse game played between a gay writer and the straight policeman who arrests and interrogates him. 

Gay men gather at two sets of public toilets known as East Palace and West Palace near the Forbidden City, and the police regularly come to arrest them. One night, a leather-jacketed detective Shi has his curiosity piqued by one young man A-lan amongst those rounded up that evening who smiles provocatively at his captor. During the interrogation, shameless A-Lan tells his life story, episodes of which appear via flashback. Many of his tales seem designed to provoke Shi into challenging his own sexuality.


East Palace, West Palace

EAST PALACE, WEST PALACE (Dong gong xi gong)

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