Chinese Version


Frozen (China/Hong Kong/Netherlands)


Dies at the first day of autumn or the summer beginning


Director: Wang Xiaoshuai

Cast: Jia Hongsheng  Ma Xiaoqing

Footage: 101min

Year: 1997

Performance artist Qi Lei's obsession with death, coupled with his frustration over a materialistic modern Chinese society and a government that stifles independent artistic expression, leads him to devise his latest cycle of pieces. The first three show him "dying" by interment, by drowning and by cremation. His final performance will have him slowly freezing himself to death. His lover and his family try to stop him, but the determined Qi will not give up his plans. With the help of a few artists, he performs the last piece. Officially considered dead, Qi hides out and begins observing life in the world without him. Nothing he sees inspires hope.

The draw for this film will be the director's story: Wang Xiaoshuai smuggled his government-banned independent film out of China and finished it in Amsterdam. He must hide behind the pseudonym Wu Ming, or "No Name".


FROZEN (Jidu hanleng) 

Frozen (1996)

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